Grown and prepared locally on the property, we offer our guests a delicious and fresh taste of the local cuisine. With organic produce growing outside of your natural home, our dining experience truly embraces farm-to-table cooking and eating.



Our cosy open kitchen is a lovely place to kick back, put your feet up with a book and watch the hummingbirds fly around the plants outside in the morning while waiting for breakfast to be served. If your having breakfast with us, you wont walk away disappointed with eggs how you like them, fruits, toast, veggies, coffee, juices & jams. For lunch we have toasted paninis with your choice of filling, served with salad & fried plantains, and for dinner we have a healthy organic, mostly vegetarian menu, The cuisine is a fun mix of cultural foods such as, Thai food, Mexican, Italian and Dominican.

All, or most of the foods we serve in the kitchen is grown on the land, picked cleaned and cooked by the hosts and staff, it doesn’t get much more organic than that.

We also have plenty of freshly squeezed juices also picked from the land, fresh healthy milkshakes, beers, wines & cocktails

The Kitchen is made up of two rooms and outside seasting areas, the two natural built palm thatched open kitchen and lounge areas are disnged with bamboo seating, thick log seats with log tables, outside, hammocks and plenty of relaxing areas to put your feet up with a book, or play some board games with friends .