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I don’t want to protect the environment, I want to create a world where the environment doesn’t need protecting!


what is an ecolodge

An ecolodge is a type of tourist accommodation designed to have the minimum possible impact on the natural environment in which it is situated. Usually located in secluded rural areas, surrounded by nature - tend to be tricky to find!

Designed for nature lovers and thrill seekers, Samana Ecolodge offers a direct contact with nature, breathtaking views of the hills of El Limon and unique, mouth-dropping excursions.

— The Story Behind —

Samana Ecolodge


Our extensive travels and passion for sustainability and nature have led us to create our little haven, Samana Ecolodge. It’s our pleasure to share our dream with you!

The owners Ben & Xio believe in the values of sustainable living. In 2016 the couple decided to follow their dreams & build an off grid ecolodge. We came across el limon on our search through the Dominican Republic & fell in love with the landscape, beaches, waterfalls & the natural Dominican village.Later, we found our land we wanted to call home & started building. Every stone, crop and flower has been laid by Ben, Xio or volunteers. Every stick, palm roofing or wood has been bought locally putting money back into the community creating jobs & opportunity. After two years of hard work we had finally created a peaceful & quiet place where customers can switch off & get closer to nature. The lodge is completely independant with solar panels, wells & fresh spring streams running through the land. We have a farm area with an abundance of fruits & veggies & spices growing. Everyday fresh food is bought from the land, to the kitchen and served to our customers, you can’t get more organic than that. Samana Ecolodge is an authentic ecolodge, meaning everything here is built with natural materials, even the natural pool is made from stone. We believe in leaving minimal impact on the environment, this is important to us & the philosophy of our business.


every building is made from natural materials fetched from the local town of El Limon. as this type of . but for those that love the nature, like the hummingbirds, the birds of pray flying over, the pretty flowers and frogs and geckos, we also have to except that some small critters are apart of nature too and at times we might see somes bats or bugs or even small spiders, but its good to know that living life out here in this beautiful jungle of the caribbean, there are no poisonous plants, bugs or animals. nothing in this lodge can or will hurt you, apart from too many cocktails in the bar from the night before.

With the dream of not only having a natural life out in the beautiful caribbean island, we built this creative place with love, and hope to inspire those that come, to also live a more conscious lifestyle when returning home.